Let us fix South Africa – Makhosi Khoza

I have not written any article for the past few weeks, herewith are the reasons:


1. Time for complaining is over.
2. Time for practical action has come.
3. Time for ideological rhetoric has long passed its sell by date. So, don’t talk about cold war, strategy and tactics, through the eye of the needle, boring pomposity, nationalization, communism, Stalin, Trotsky or Lenin, Red October Revolution, the survival of the fittest etc.
4. Admittedly, we are in a capitalist economy. We need the best way of integrating our South African capitalist model with ubuntu philosophy. We also need a non-exploitative capitalist model that is about people, planet, profits and incentives to encourage investors to continuously reinvest their private capital into the South African economy in order to create more jobs. There is no dignity in destitution, unemployment, inferior education, stunted language, poor health care, mental abuse etc.
5. Racism and Sexism are identical twisted twins, they have no place in our beautiful country.
6. South Africa and its people first or else step aside.
6. Corruption, cronyism, nepotism, kleptomaniacs, immoral and amoral leadership are worst enemies of South Africans and development.
7. Unity is always a strength
8. Quality education consistent with the demands of the economy and its people
9. South Africa is in the African continent, when South Africa prospers the continent also does. South Africans must grab every opportunity and excel in everything they do so that they don’t feel inadequate and as victims. Our boarders must be protected in order to ensure that we do not become the safe haven of drug trafficking and destruction of our dream as a prosperous nation.
10. The ANC, Zuma, NDZ, CR17 and its leadership are no longer worthy subjects of discussion and debate. ANC is on a downward spiral, whoever wins in December won’t be able to root out corruption. All its Presidential candidates have nothing new to offer South Africa. Each one is fighting for their turn to eat. Even those who are monied cannot be trusted. They are only there to serve their selfish interests not South Africa. Beware of their velvety tongues.

We need a way forward for this amazing country.

In order to get our beautiful country back on its prosperous and development path, we need cooperation and contribution of every South African. The past few months I have been reading books notably “UNMASKED: WHY THE ANC FAILED TO GOVERN by Dr Khulu Mbatha. I have also revisited Greg Mills books “WHY STATES RECOVER”, HOW TO MAKE SOUTH AFRICA WORK etc.

Reading is critical for any leader on a constructive, progressive, moral and ethical mission. However, it is not enough without engaging with the people on the ground in order to fully understand and appreciate their fears, frustrations and aspirations.

As such I had numerous engagements with South Africans throughout the country. I have been giving talks in different institutions including universities (UCT, UJ, Wits etc.), local communities, small and big business formations, Cape law society etc.

I was also approached and have been engaging with Forum for Service Delivery (F4SD), United Front of Civics (UFC), People’s Revolutionary Movement (PRM), some Ratepayers Associations, a number of former individual members and active members of the following political parties:
African National Congress (ANC),
Democratic Alliance (DA),
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF),
National Freedom Party (NFP),
Congress of the People (COPE), AGANG etc… We have all decided to join forces, shift from the ideological terrain, merge and focus on what all South Africans need, peace, stability, economic growth, jobs, efficient public service and root out corruption in all its manifestations.

I also engaged trade unionists, business, community based faith organizations, some organized women formations, the youth, students, the unemployed, academics, intellectuals, media, and numerous social movements and civil society.

The readings and engagements all point to one direction for South Africa that is UNITY, REALIGNMENT OF ALL THE FORCES OF CHANGE AND DEFENSE OF OUR COLLECTIVE MORAL SIGNATURE, the RSA Constitution 1996 which clearly articulates the society we deserve.

We had to move beyond complaining and criticizing the outgoing government that is currently looting and draining our public purse dry. We shall get that money back. We shall have an independent and efficient National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). They are on their way to jail for a very long time. We are watching all their moves. Those who are looting now, will be treated as the worst criminals deserving the harshest sentence possible and recovery of public money in every possible way.

We had to reflect objectively about what went wrong in the last 23 years in South Africa. This was extremely important as failure to understand and make an accurate diagnosis of the problem open us to risks of repeating the same mistakes.

We need a new political front that is issue based and not constrained by ideological rhetoric that will unite us all behind a clearly articulated vision and new social compact that will bring together the working class, the unemployed, the Middle class, the capitalist class, the landless, the holders of title deeds, South Africans of the African Soil SAAS), South Africans of European Origins (SAEO), South Africans of Indian Origins (SAIO), South Africans of Mixed Origins (SAMO). We basically need every South African to make a dramatic mental shift. If you have been a traditional voter of the ANC, DA, EFF etc. this is time for you to shift and make South Africa work. There is a new fresh formation that is a merger of like minded formations and individuals, truly non-racial, genuinely non sexist and less obsessed with ideologies and political rhetoric.

This is a united front for you under construction. Build with us. Don’t allow anyone to use you by infiltrating the best way forward for this country. We are vigilant. Think South African people, not selfish party and individual interests. Move away from limited, narrow historical constructed and dying political brands.

We are even moving away from blacks, whites, coloured and Indians because those were apartheid separate and racially discriminatory mental constructs.

We live in the unprecedented age of harsh disruptions of old established traditions, ideologies, technologies, terminologies, business ideas, form and shape of capitalism. We have to accept that capitalism with all its imperfections is a dominant economic system. We need to master it within our UBUNTU philosophy of interdependence, interconnectedness, interrelatedness and compassion.

Let us say this, moral and ethical leadership is not negotiable. Uniting South African people in all their manifestations and our beautiful country are all not negotiable and are not for sale.

We cannot afford to surrender our country to people who do not fully understand the realities of being a small open economy on a global competitive international finance market space.

Beware of those who are calling for the nationalization of banks. They are no better than the corrupt who feast on South African miseries. Good Governance has completely been eroded in SOE’s and government departments, therefore nationalising banks is tantamount to giving the Guptas, Zuma and ANC mafia the right to print money. It would destroy the financial services sector that we all entrust with our hard earned savings. So much money has left this country. The little that is left will also go. We shall be faced with an ultimate economic disaster of incomprehensible proportions.

Notwithstanding the fact that there are good men and women with noble intentions within every political party notably the DA and EFF, unfortunately we also have to concede that our people do not support the DA and EFF as alternatives to the ANC for whatever reasons.

The loss of ANC seats in metropolitan councils during 2016 local government elections did not translate into any significant gain by the DA, EFF or any other political party. The recent EFF SRC elections win at Wits university is only based on less than 10 % voter turnout. South Africans are disillusioned. We need to offer them a real alternative within our current proportional representation system.

Coalition governments are extremely difficult to manage owing to divergent ideological orientation. They are not a viable and sustainable option though better than the current looters of our public purse.

We need a new broad church premised on moral, ethical, visionary and younger leadership.

We are challenging good men and women of high moral stamina who believe in this country and its people from all different shades of skin and texture of hair, faith or religious groups, academics, middle class, business, workers, unemployed, traditional and elected leaders particularly the youth and women to join the united innovative political front aimed at uniting, saving and growing our country’s economy.

This merger has the primary task of uniting South Africans and practical restoration of human dignity so as to lay a solid foundation for the creation of a conducive environment for job creation, get South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ in the top in maths and science, agriculture, engineering, financial services. It is geared towards ensuring free quality vocational training for unemployed South Africans and youth as well as ensuring food security and poverty reduction.

It has to drastically improve the quality of basic education, find and fund African solutions inspired tertiary education, invest in increasing productivity in public and private sector, develop and implement incentive based strategies to address the land question, aggressively develop the entrepreneurial culture amongst our youth in South Africa, create a caring, compassionate and united society free from racial stereotypes and prejudice. It must ensure prosecution and new legislation that will result in harshest sentence for corruption related crimes, murder and rape. This merger will ensure a society where hard work, innovation and excellence are generously rewarded.

Please indicate your willingness to join this crusade for unity and change by sending your organisation, contact details, province, town, area, language, and area of interest and expertise to Makhosi.truth2power@gmail.com

We are calling on all organized formations to join us in building this new leader of the South African society.

The future of our beautiful country is in our hands. Aluta!


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