Three girls claim Yena Aya Kwini impregnated them

Social Media sensation and Limpopo’s newest celebrity Bhuti Majulie is not only a hit on social media, he has allegedly exported his skills to the bedroom.


At least three ladies have come forward in the past few weeks claiming they are carrying Majulie’s babies. One lady claims she met him at a tarven and he slept at her place the same night.

“He is the only man I slept with in the past two months. The baby I’m carrying is definitely his. I told my parents and they are happy about it. I’m waiting for him to do what is required as per our culture,” said the smiling lady who identified herself as Mihloti.

Another lady who chose not to be identified says she was in love with Yena Aya Kwini and they were expecting a baby. “People think I am with him because of his fame. I don’t care about his fame. I just want him to be a present father to our baby,” she said.

The third lady refused to talk to us. Her friend told us she only found out about her pregnancy a week ago and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep the baby. “She’s devastated. She didn’t think her little fun would lead to pregnancy. She hasn’t told her parents yet. Only close friends know at this stage,” said the friend.


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