EFF to raid Shoprite for paying workers R1500

Economic Freedom Fighters members in Gauteng are planning to pay a ‘visit’ to Shoprite shops if the retail giant continues to pay its employees slave wages. According to sources close to the planning, the visit might be as soon as the next Friday.


“We mean business. We are tired of being romantic to exploitation of black workers. Shoprite has been exploiting workers for ages. There are people who have been working there for ages but they are still not permanent. They don’t even have basic benefits like pension fund,” said our source who is a member if EFF in Soweto.


“I know people who earn R2 500 a month. That is slave wage. The bosses get millions of rands while poor people get peanuts. If you think what we did to H&M was big then you don’t know EFF. We are going to show Shoprite flames,” he added.


All our attempts to get a comment from Shoprite drew blanks. A Shoprite employee who spoke to us on condition of anonymity confirmed that she earns R2000 a month. “I don’t want to lose my job but we are paid peanuts for working abnormal retail hours. I will happily welcome EFF intervention,” she said.


EFF made headlines on Saturday when they invaded the multinational retail giant H&M and vandalised property after a racist ad row. EFF president Julius Malema claims the invasion was not sanctioned by the national leadership.


Afrikaaner lobby group Afri-Forum and the official opposition Democratic Alliance have called for the arrest of Malema and his fellow leaders Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Floyd Shivambu.